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The JumpStart Cart is a private nonprofit 501c3 organization created to offer the young adult population with special needs a successful and enriching career running and operating a food truck in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.



Path to Success


The JumpStart Cart is dedicated to supporting young adults with special needs transitioning from the academic setting to the workplace.


Our vision is that every individual will gain independence, skills, and self esteem for a lifetime of success in the workforce.

Looking to support our mission?

Chocolate Chip Cookies




The primary purpose of The JumpStart Cart is to serve young adults with special needs leaving the academic setting and entering the workforce perhaps for the first time. We recognize that our employees with specific motor, social, and/or communicative needs can participate just as fully in the work environment with the necessary supports in place. The educational system does a phenomenal job to prepare these young people to enter the workforce. However, there is a need for more programs to support them during this transition.  The JumpStart Cart is designed to provide adults with special needs an opportunity to work in an environment that is fun, safe, and promotes further development of skills.  As a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, The JumpStart Cart relies on funding from a variety of sources such as grants, donations, and support from other therapeutic professionals. 


We have heard many stories from families about their child’s first experiences in the workplace. Although many success stories were shared, it is the stories of failure that have prompted the creation of our organization. On one such occasion, a tearful mother told us that her daughter was let go from her work placement. She listed their reasons as to why her daughter was not appropriate and we immediately listed a number of ways to solve the issues. She replied, “You know that but not everyone else does.” Her response was the catalyst for our idea to use our skills to help the families during the transitional stage and The JumpStart Cart materialized.

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